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Since March 15, 2006 the Michael Chekhov Theatre Company has embarked on its mission to complete ALL of the plays ever written by the greatest American modern playwright, Sam Shepard. A feat NEVER attempted by any theatre company in the world!

Every month since we have started, we have had a record-breaking number of shows running simultaneously (4-7 new plays running back-to-back). Although each show only seats 40 people we have a HIGH turnover rate of audience members due to the number of plays, and all of the attention we have been recieving from the press for our herculean feat & brilliantly crafted shows.

Distribution Information: A new program is printed for every repertory series. Every month, we have 4-7 shows running simulanteously. Sometimes even 2-3 plays in one night. Estimated circulation per month is 1200. That is 1200 people all looking for places to shop, drink. Where will they go?
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